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This project is my second attempt at improving my level designing and creation and also tackling technical features which will be listed below. 

Level is described as a vast area created like a maze (block eyesight with vegetation). There is a obsidian flammable rock hidden somewhere in the forest and player needs to find it. After the  substitute is gathered, player should find a way to melt and then return to the spaceship (Start Location) to leave. *Player have a limited amount of jetpack jumps to take look around the environment* - Player need to use marker gun wisely to keep track of his location. 

Gameplay is designed in a way to have more strategic planning and pathfinding rather than hand to hand practise and combat skill with little combination of practise on movement skills.

-Unreal Engine 4 (4.22)


Level Design Tackled Areas:

-Terrain Building

-Foliages and Physics


Techincal Aspects Tackled Areas:


-Weapon change and Socket connection


-Robot AI Behavior

-Sound effect tricks (Echo, ambient, etc)

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